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In keeping with our ongoing efforts to educate and inform, we have a variety of articles, white papers, research and other materials available. Due to the work required some of these items carry a nominal cost, but if you ever feel the materials did not meet your expectations we will immediately refund any amount paid.


The New World of Credit Card Programs
Reentering Credit Card Issuing: A Primer
Profitability & Program Expenses
Credit Card Portfolio Sales: Lessons Learned
Credit Card Program Mergers: Be Careful
Card Affinity Programs: A New Opportunity
A Great Time To Start Issuing Again
Program Management: Tomorrow is Here

Sample Speeches & Educational Sessions

  • US Credit Card Market:
    Developments, Landmines, Opportunities
  • Rebuilding Your Card program for Today
  • Senior Management Control:
    What You Need to Ask Your Card Manager
  • Card Program Management:
    Balancing Returns, Value and Service
  • Best Practices:
    Deep Dives, Data, Marketing and Growth
  • Card Program Budgeting and Forecasting to Create Action
  • Selling a Card Portfolio:
    How to Completely Screw It Up
White Papers

Credit Card Portfolio Sales:
Ten Mistakes That Can Cost You Everything $299

Starting A New Card Program:
A Roadmap to Success $299

Card Program Marketing:
Channels, Segments and Schedules $299

Card Program Pricing
for Profitability and Competition $299

Industry Research

Credit Union Portfolio Sales:
Sellers by Year, 2001-Current $599

New Program Performance:
Critical Performance Metrics, Vintage Basis $599

Credit Union Card Program Performance:
Key Metrics, 2006 – Current $599

Bank Portfolio Sales:
Sellers by Year Currently out of print

Customer research of all types: Call to Discuss