TRK Advisors’ consulting work is designed to provide our clients with specific, actionable tactics that work toward their individual goals. Our deep experience and engagement across the industry allow us to provide the highest value work regardless of your credit card needs and at a cost that is far less than you might expect. We have proven experience with any credit card need, including:

  • Program performance analysis and peer benchmarking
  • Credit card product set design or redevelopment
  • Marketing plan development
  • Program analytics to calibrate risk-to-return levels
  • Portfolio and customer base segmentation and stimulation plans
  • Repricing initiatives
  • Bringing merged card portfolios into a common program
  • Reward program development and optimization
  • Development of ‘fresh start’ credit card programs
  • Processor evaluation and RFP guidance
  • Custom research of any variety
Case Study #1:
Restarting a Card Program


After selling their credit card business several years prior, this institution decided to start issuing credit cards again. TRK Advisors provided our client with the expert guidance required to rollout the new program, including product set design, pricing structures, reward program elements, marketing plans and programs, best-performance benchmarks for peers, internal reporting and risk control structures, customer base segmentation methodologies, forecasting techniques, portfolio management and ongoing guidance related to all elements of the rollout and program management.

Outcome: This client is now generating its own accounts, better satisfying its customers and will be positioned to successfully do so for many years to come.

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Case Study #2:


In today’s environment it can be difficult to generate loan growth of any type, and credit card is often called upon to help fill the balance sheet. Yet this client, as is frequently the case, had difficulty generating growth within its program. TRK Advisors worked to provide actionable marketing plans for both new account generation (by channel) and existing portfolio stimulation (by segment). The techniques developed allowed the client to determine the resources required for credit card initiatives and measure the returns for each, resulting in validation of the investments required and confidently make a commitment to their credit card.

Outcome: For the first time the credit card program has actionable marketing plans in place and is proving it warrants the resources required to implement them. The program is growing, more cards are being generated, and existing card holders are using their cards more than before.

Case Study #3:
Repair & Kick Start


Unfortunately, some credit card programs become stagnant and performance erodes over time. This client had a long-time card program but it had not received much attention for several years. TRK Advisors analysis identified performance challenges, created tactical plans to correct financial and risk-level concerns, reviewed and repriced the portfolio at an account level, assisted in developing marketing plans and initiatives and ensured all outcomes were aligned with our client’s interests.

Outcome: After several years of financial challenges this program has returned to profitability, credit risk is under control and products are now positioned to provide fair and valued terms to the card holders.