Credit Card Expertise,
Solutions That Work.


TRK Advisors’ consulting work is designed to provide our clients with specific, actionable tactics that work toward their individual goals. Our deep experience and engagement across the industry allow us to provide the highest value work regardless of your credit card needs and at a cost that is far less than you might expect. We have proven experience with any credit card need, including:

  • Program performance analysis and peer benchmarking
  • Credit card product set design or redevelopment
  • Marketing plan development
  • Program analytics to calibrate risk-to-return levels
  • Portfolio and customer base segmentation and stimulation plans
  • Repricing initiatives
  • Bringing merged card portfolios into a common program
  • Reward program development and optimization
  • Development of ‘fresh start’ credit card programs
  • Processor evaluation and RFP guidance
  • Custom research of any variety
Case Study #1:
Restarting a Card Program
Case Study #2:
Case Study #3:
Repair & Kick Start