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TRK Advisors’ principals have unmatched experience in evaluating and executing credit card portfolio sales, having individually advised on more than one hundred transactions. We are deeply aware of the state of the buyer market and individual partner strengths and weaknesses and our process is designed to bring each all of these facts to the forefront. When considering this option it is critical to structure the process from the very first day to maintain your leverage and maximize your outcome (both financial and card holder experience). Our process, experience and relationships allows TRK Advisors to:

  • Develop initial market value estimates to dimension options
  • Objectively analyze market value versus ongoing returns if retained
  • Forecast potential returns if specific program improvements are made
  • Compare all of these options for financial and risk results
  • Overlay card holder impact, product set changes, service levels and other elements
  • Develop business case documents and presentations
  • Assist in all levels of negotiation and transaction process
  • Ensure best offers received at lowest transaction cost
Avoid The Most Common Mistake in Getting a Portfolio Valuation!
Case Study #1:
Sell… or maybe not!
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Find the Best Partner, Save Your $